Turning to God: The Love that Shapes all other Loves

In this new mini sermon series, we look more closely at Faith Community Church’s core values. What do we value and why? How is what we care about shaped by what God cares about? In this sermon, we look at our values concerning us turning towards God in worship, and how His love for us transforms our affection for Him.

I Am the True Vine

In the final sermon in this series, we explore who Jesus is as the “True Vine,” and how that shapes how we live to glorify our Heavenly Father. What does it mean to “abide” in the vine, and why is that important?

I Am the Resurrection and the Life

In this “I Am” saying, Jesus is not only telling us that there is resurrection from death, but that He is the source of such life. That’s amazing, and, to be honest, difficult to comprehend. So, what exactly does Jesus mean, and why is Jesus’ resurrection so important?