The Broken Offices, Fulfilled

As we continue to look at how Christ is our Prophet, Priest, and King, we take a moment to remind ourselves of why we need Jesus to lead us in these ways. How is it good news that we cannot perform these roles on our own, but need Jesus to do them for us?

The Priest who Prays

Part of the priestly responsibility is to pray for people, so as our perfect High Priest, we understand that Jesus offers continual perfect prayer to the Heavenly Father for us. But what really is prayer? And how are we affected by the reality that Jesus prays for us?

The Priest Who Simplifies

Christ is our High Priest, and in his priestly role he has simplified in his death and resurrection what it means to have access to God. How has he done this? And how does this reality affect our faith today?

Knowing How to Know God

God is not distant; he is an intimately personal God, desiring a deep and genuine relationship with his people. So, how can we learn how to grow in our knowledge of God? How can learn to go from knowing about God, to knowing God himself?

The Great Love Commandment

Essential to the Gospel is the reality that we are called to love one another. John writes in this part of his letter that the evidence of our love (or lack thereof) can be a helpful indicator of whether or not we have true faith in Jesus.