I Am the Light of the World

As we dig more into the “I Am” sayings of Jesus, we come face to face with just how absurd some of these sayings are. Jesus says he is the “Light of the World.” What does that even mean? How does that help us understand more about who he is, and how is that applicable for us today?

I Am the Bread of Life

Jesus is regarding by almost everyone as one of the most fascinating persons in human history. So, who was he? Was he a good moral rabbi, a political rebel, or something more? Fortunately, in the Gospel of John there are 8 times when Jesus tells us who he is! This week, we discover who he is telling us he is when he said, “I Am the Bread of Life.”

Jesus as Divine Warrior

We recently looked at God as our Divine Warrior in our series through Joshua. Here, Joel Hylton looks more closely at that topic in the Gospel of Luke, examining the nature and character of Jesus as our Divine Warrior.

Living in Uncertainty

Life is never certain or clear. As soon as we seem to have things figured out, something changes. How do we approach such seasons of change and uncertainty? How can remembering what God has done for us in the past help us in the present?

The Divine Warrior

Jesus is described in Scripture as the “Prince of Peace,” which he is! But what if the Bible also describes God as a Divine Warrior? What should we do with such passages? And how could the three persons of the Trinity being described as a warrior be a good thing for us?