Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge is a ministry to Roma children in Prague, many of whom come from families affected by poverty and drug and alcohol abuse. TC seeks to lead at-risk, neglected, and mistreated Gypsy children into personal relationships with Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord (this includes ongoing discipleship and involvement in a local church), and also provide for some of the basic unmet needs of the children; including food, personal hygiene, education, medical care, and a safe environment. In addition to our church supporting Teen Challenge financially, some of our staff volunteer regularly with their after-school program. We encourage our members and attenders to do the same, and we try to help raise awareness of TC’s work and needs whenever we can.

Saša Flek

Saša Flek led the translation team for Bible21, a new Czech translation of Scripture that was the country’s best-selling book in 2009. He grew up in Prague, became a Christian during the last days before the fall of Communism, and was leading an underground church at the age of 20. After giving several years to the Bible21 project, Saša has again turned to his passion of church planting, and he is leading a group of Czech believers that meets in Prague 2. Faith Community Church has enthusiastically supported Saša’s work, both in Bible translation and church planting.

David Symon

David is a Czech missionary to university students in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia is over 50% Muslim, and although there’s a significant Eastern Orthodox minority, many Orthodox worshippers have never heard the Gospel. The Czech Republic has few evangelical Christians, so it’s very exciting to see a Czech believer take the Gospel to another underreached country. Faith Community supports David, and we normally host a dinner each Spring when he’s in town, to hear about his work and pray for him.