Current Sermon Series: Why We Believe What We Believe

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A Righteous King

“A Righteous King” – Matthew 5:43-48
Our King Jesus, as he entered Jerusalem before he was to be crucified, knew what it meant to “Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” And since he did it, we’re now enabled, and emboldened, to do the same.

Dying to Self

(Matthew 5:38-42) – Social movements and historical events have been shaped by Jesus’ words to “turn the other cheek.” But the main point of this section is actually deeper, and harder, than working for justice issues. We are called to die to self.

Fidelity and Honesty

Jesus demands us to be people of our word, whether that’s in whom we’re faithful to (our spouse) or how we’re truthful with our words. Fortunately, his faithfulness to us is perfect!

Seeking True Beauty

Jesus gives us the ability to enjoy what is truly beautiful, and he cautions against the opposite, which is lust – taking things and using them for ourselves, hoping to make us feel better.

Be Reconciled

Jesus expands the commandment “Do not murder” to become impossibly hard for us to keep, and he urges us to forgive and reconcile with others quickly – because he has reconciled us to the Father.

Fulfilled, and Filled Full

Christianity is not about following a set of rules, it’s about being declared righteous, despite our inability to keep rules. Fortunately, our Savior fulfilled the Law and also gives us his righteousness.