Current Sermon Series: Why We Believe What We Believe

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Don’t Judge

Jesus tells us to not judge others, especially in order to make ourselves feel better. In fact, the basis of our salvation – being saved by grace through faith – is the root of our non-judgmental lifestyle. The gospel enables us to see others as God sees them, and to love them.

Don’t Worry

Our value and worth in Christ is the best antidote to one of our most common temptations – to be anxious. Jesus tells us that worry actually comes from pride, but the good news is that because of Christ’s work on our behalf, we have nothing to fear.


Jesus tells us to lay up treasures for ourselves – but not here on earth. Focusing on the heavenly treasures that he’s secured for us helps us fight the urge to be materialistic and build earthly kingdoms.

A Righteous King

“A Righteous King” – Matthew 5:43-48
Our King Jesus, as he entered Jerusalem before he was to be crucified, knew what it meant to “Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” And since he did it, we’re now enabled, and emboldened, to do the same.

Dying to Self

(Matthew 5:38-42) – Social movements and historical events have been shaped by Jesus’ words to “turn the other cheek.” But the main point of this section is actually deeper, and harder, than working for justice issues. We are called to die to self.

Fidelity and Honesty

Jesus demands us to be people of our word, whether that’s in whom we’re faithful to (our spouse) or how we’re truthful with our words. Fortunately, his faithfulness to us is perfect!