Current Sermon Series: Into the Promised Land: A Series through Joshua

Recent Sermons

The Divine Warrior

Jesus is described in Scripture as the “Prince of Peace,” which he is! But what if the Bible also describes God as a Divine Warrior? What should we do with such passages? And how could the three persons of the Trinity being described as a warrior be a good thing for us?

No Ordinary People

How are we supposed to understand who are as human beings, created in the image of God with certain inherent dignities and responsibilities? What kind of person is Jesus calling us as Christians to become, and how does that affect how we treat and love others?

No Man is an Island

In most areas of our life we can accept the reality that we depend on others, for community, for problem-solving, for help. But when it comes to our relationship with God, we want to distance him and do it on our own. But what are we missing from his presence and his power when we do that?

The Great Divide

R.C. Sproul once said, “The biggest problem the human race has is this: that God is holy, he is righteous, he is just, and we’re not.” Is that true and, if so, what does that mean for us? What actually happens when we sin? And where can we find a solution to the Great Divide that exists between us and God?

Don’t Judge

Jesus tells us to not judge others, especially in order to make ourselves feel better. In fact, the basis of our salvation – being saved by grace through faith – is the root of our non-judgmental lifestyle. The gospel enables us to see others as God sees them, and to love them.

Don’t Worry

Our value and worth in Christ is the best antidote to one of our most common temptations – to be anxious. Jesus tells us that worry actually comes from pride, but the good news is that because of Christ’s work on our behalf, we have nothing to fear.