Current Sermon Series: 1 John

Recent Sermons

The Great Love Commandment

Essential to the Gospel is the reality that we are called to love one another. John writes in this part of his letter that the evidence of our love (or lack thereof) can be a helpful indicator of whether or not we have true faith in Jesus.

Living in Light

What does it mean that “God is light,” and how does that inform how we are called by God to live?

Why It Matters That Jesus Really Came

As we jump into the first four verses of 1 John, we understand a little more about why John wrote this letter and why the incarnation of Jesus mattered so greatly to him (and to us!).

The Christ Child is King

As we wrap up our Advent series, we examine what a New Testament passage has to say about the incarnation of Jesus, and what it means for his kingship over creation.

Turning Toward the World: The Love that Propels us Outward

As a church, why do we value mercy ministries and seeking to transform our city by sharing the Gospel? Is it simply because God tells us to do these things? Or, are we more motivated to reach out to others when we remember how God has reached out to us first in his love and mercy?